Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Ruma Piwakawaka made slime recently. Here is some of our descriptive writing about slime.

The gooey slime was sticky. It was sticking to my hands.    Blake

The slime was so ooey and gooey and mooshy. It did not feel like slime. It was fun. I had pink slime.    Leah

The slime was gooey-booey. It was stinky. I could squeeze it.  Phoebe

We made slime. It was gooey like it was runny as water and messy like paint. It was fun.   Max

The slime was hard to pick up and when I left it in my hands it melted.   Ivy

Monday, 16 October 2017

Solar Ovens

Harnessing the sun's energy to make s'mores in  our solar ovens.


Ruma Piwakawaka's Fraction Circle Art
Ruma Piwakawaka’s Water Bottle Experiment
Ruma Piwakawaka had a problem. There was no hot water in the classroom to wash our hands.
We brain-stormed some ideas about how to heat the water in our classroom. We knew that the sun was hot and that it made lots of energy.
Here is our experiment.
We put water in 2 bottles. One was white and the other one was black. The                     sun warmed the black bottle. The black bottle was 33 degrees Celsius. The               white bottle was 25 degrees Celsius. A black water tank that was made of                   
 plastic would make the water hotter. The sun’s energy heated up the water.
Leah S.
We have water in the black bottle and white bottles. We put the bottles in a sunny spot. The water in the bottles got hot. The water in the black bottle got hotter than the white bottle. We need to catch the sun’s energy.
Leah C-R.
Water Bottle Experiment
Day 1

Temperature  12:00 noon
Temperature 2:30pm
White bottle
11 degrees C 
21 degrees C 
25 degrees C 
Black bottle
11 degrees C 
28 degrees C 
33 degrees C 

Day 2
Both bottles were left outside over-night. It was zero degrees the next morning with a frost.

Temperature at 8:00am
Temperature at 9:00am
Temperature at 12:30pm
White bottle
 0 degrees C
3 degrees C 
23 degrees C 
Black  bottle
   0 degrees C 
3 degrees C 
40 degrees C 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

On Saturday I went to Toy World with Mama. Only with Mama . And, there were a bunch of nexo Knight sets and even Jestro’s Castle and a giant rock monster. Jestro was on it and even a drill vehicle, and Axl was on it. But let’s not forget Clay Moringtin in his amazing battle mach. He is the leader of the nexo Knights and Merlok 2.0 gives him some advice on the guy who does not listen to Clay. His name is Lance and Axl is always hungry.


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Buddy Reading

We love buddy reading with Ruma Kokako and Ruma Tui on Fridays!

Crazy Hair Day

Last term we had a crazy hair day to raise money for the Kids Can charity (kids with cancer). We came to school with crazy looking hair.


Today it is crazy hair day and I made my hair yellow. I put some gel in and I was nervous. In the car I kept fiddling with my hair. I wanted to put it in the right shape and I kept on getting yellow hands because my hair colour was yellow. Then me and my brother Finn got out of the car because we were at school. I said to my mum, “Do you think that I will win a prize today?”. Then my mum said, “I think you will win”. I thanked mum and went to my classroom. Soon the bell rang and we all got ready for crazy hair day.

Lilly B

My hair has got three pony tails. My hair feels flicky.

My grandma made a Mohawk and my aunty put the pattern on my hair.

It is crazy hair day. I have pipe cleaners in my hair.

Leah S
My hair is sticking up and I have wire in it.

My mum put gel on my hair to make it spiky.

I had a wig on my hair today. It was fun. Everyone laughed because it was funny. It is long. Cody said I’m a girl and I went in the boys toilets. It is white hair. I didn’t win an Easter egg.

Lilly M
Today is crazy hair day. My hair has bobbles and flowers. The flowers are colourful and I have hair dye in it too. I got an Easter egg for a prize.

Leah C
Mum put hair colour in my hair. It is purple and green. It was crazy!

I had 2 zebras on my hair. The lights flick on and off.